Did the movie Pretty Woman pave the way for the “sugar daddies” of our time ?

Before I start talking about the main subject in this new article, I would like to point out that I’m trying to raise awareness about how some ideas are being implemented in our minds or in the minds of our children. Actually I’m a young adult who will turn 27 this year and because of my experience of going through so much at a young age, I want these things to be out and I don’t want to hear anyone tell me “oh, it’s okay, you know, that’s just the way it is“, NO, it’s not. I wish I had someone back then to teach me those things. Anyway, most of the time I will use movies I’ve been watching as an example. In today’s article, I will focus on Pretty Woman, famous movie released in the early 90’s about a billionaire who end up falling in love with a prostitute.

Let’s have our first Critical Thinking…

I remember when I first saw this movie I thought to myself: why would I take this woman as an example? I mean there’s nothing to be proud about being a prostitute, these women are having a really hard time out there, and instead of helping them, raise awareness and protect them, this society is making money out of their misery… what was the true purpose of this movie?

Then… the sugar daddies started to become popular (or sugar mommies). At first you might think it’s nothing, but then you start to realize that these men and women are just disgusting pedophiles with pervy minds who just want to take advantage of young girls or young boys who are struggling to make ends meet…

Nowadays, you can find these kinds of movies anywhere which includes babysitters having sexual intercourses with the kids’dad for money or gifts and more. I used to watch a lot of them because I thought something was off, but I didn’t know what it was. Now, it’s obvious that they are trying to force this on us subconsciously so that when time comes with a Law, we won’t be able to do anything about it, just like some other Laws which are forced on us. 

What’s the impact in 2018?

Well, You know what they say: “(the love of) Money is the root of all evil” and 2018 (since 2007) has shown and continue to show us that some people are willing to do absolutely anything to become rich and famous.

Today, it’s particularly difficult to have a decent life when you have a child, bills to pay even more for us students. Some of us may have our parents to support us, but for those who are completely depending on themselves, life becomes unbearable. And why is that? Because we live in a consumption society and all the advertising is driving people crazy. They want new clothes, new shoes, new phones, computers, tablets etc, and if you’re not part of it you are stigmatized by everybody around you which oftentimes leads to depression, anxiety and let’s go as far as to add that some people even commit suicide because they can’t take it anymore… 

Following these situations, some young students started to look for new ways to get more money and live comfortably, like having a SUGAR DADDY. Let’s read a definition from the Urban dictionary: A Sugar Daddy is a boyfriend who comes with financial benefits. Sugar benefactors can help to cover tuition, bills, and frequently enjoy bestowing gifts upon their partners. Sugar Daddies exist on three levels. The Splenda Daddy is on the lowest end. He promises to shower a partner with cash and gifts, but often is limited by his income. Next is the Sugar Daddy who has a budgeted amount of sugar funds that he allocates to his sugar partner on a weekly or monthly basis. Last is a Honey Daddy who is the cream of the crop. His income has no bounds, and he can easily support multiple sugar partners. According to this definition, isn’t it a sort of “new age” prostitution? I think so and it would be either hypocritical or delusional to think otherwise. There is a major influence and we all dream at times of having our very own Edward Lewis. Moreover, this Society is pushing it with huge marketing campaigns, you can find Apps or websites promoting these kinds of relationships. A new kind of social platform where you sign in and you can choose the kind of men you want to date. You can find many profiles and have access to the man’s CV and yearly income. And trust me, it works! These platforms are very popular. I remember one day when I was randomly watching the news on TV, they did a little documentary presenting a man with his girlfriend, she was 22 and he was 55. They were very comfortable and open about sharing their story with us. He was paying for her school tuition, giving her money for her bills, plus gifts and in exchange she was available for him whenever, wherever. A second guest, and this one was a young boy about the same age, he was making around 1,000 euros. He had an allowance given to him by his parents but thought it wasn’t sufficient enough to meet his needs. 

Are people becoming more and more greedy? I think so too… It certainly because we are constantly comparing ourselves to others, we are not grateful for our lives. We want more and we want it NOW. Patience and hard work have become dull, we all choose the easy way out of our economic misery. I’m not trying to judge, I’m just saying that we should be aware of what kind of messages this Society is trying to convey through these movies. I will continue with another article entitled “How does the Entertainment Industry manage to shape our behavior using non-rational persuasion?” on the same subject.

Have you been Notebooked? I have…

Sometimes we need to be apart to understand just how much we love each other

The Notebook

Lately I felt the need to write about this movie. Actually I didn’t want to be cliché or else whatsoever but honestly I’m in love with Love itself so naturally I had to mention this movie on my Website: The Notebook. I first heard of it while watching the TvShow One Tree Hill in which I also learned the expression “to be notebooked” or “to have been notebooked”, basically someone who cries during the movie. Let’s have a little introduction from Wikipedia and then I will give you my thoughts…


Release date: September 8, 2004

Actors: Ryan Gosling (Noah Calhoun) and Rachel McAdams (Allison Hamilton)

At a modern-day nursing home, an elderly man, Duke, reads a romantic story from his notebook to a fellow patient.In 1940, Seabrook Island, South Carolina, poor quarry worker Noah Calhoun sees 17-year-old heiress Allison “Allie” Hamilton at a carnival and they have a summer love affair. Noah takes Allie to an abandoned house that he intends to buy for them. They try to make love for the first time, but are interrupted by Noah’s friend Fin with the news that Allie’s parents have the police looking for her.When Allie and Noah return to her parents’ mansion, Allie’s mother Anne calls Noah trash and they ban her from seeing Noah. Noah walks out and Allie chases after him. They have an ensuing argument and break up. The next morning, Anne announces that the family is returning home to Charleston. Allie attempts to contact Noah, but is unable to find him, so she asks Fin to tell Noah that she loves him. When Noah gets the message he rushes to Allie’s home, only to find the house gated up and empty.Noah writes to Allie every day for a year but Anne intercepts the letters such that they never reach Allie. Noah enlists with Fin to fight in World War II, where Fin is killed in battle. Allie volunteers in a hospital for wounded soldiers, where she meets captain Lon Hammond Jr., a young lawyer who comes from old Southern money. After a few years being together, the two become engaged, to the delight of Allie’s parents.When Noah returns from the war, his father has sold their home so that Noah can buy the abandoned house. While visiting Charleston, Noah witnesses Allie and Lon kissing at a restaurant; he convinces himself that if he restores the house, Allie will come back to him. Later, while Allie is being fitted for her wedding dress, Allie is startled to see in the newspaper that Noah has completed the house to the specifications she made years before.After Allie asks permission from Lon to take a little trip before the wedding, Allie returns to Seabrook to find Noah living in the restored house. The two renew their relationship and make love. Several days later, Anne appears in the morning on Noah’s doorstep to warn Allie that Lon has followed her to Seabrook. Anne reveals that, in her youth, she had been in love with a lower-class young man and was still thinking about him; Anne then gives Allie the letters that Noah wrote to her as an admission that she had hidden them from Allie. Subsequently, Allie confesses to Lon that she had spent time with Noah, and eventually returns to her relationship with Noah.In the present narrative, it is revealed that the elderly woman is dementia-stricken Allie, Duke is actually Noah and that he had been told by Allie during the early stages of her illness to reread their journals to help her recall her past. She briefly remembers Noah but soon forgets. Her ensuing panic forces medical personnel to sedate her. Noah suffers a heart attack and is sent to the hospital while Allie is sent to a dementia ward in the same hospital. Noah visits Allie’s room in the middle of the night causing her to remember him again and proceeds to remind her of her illness, though he reassures her that they can do anything with the love they share. While sleeping, both Noah and Allie pass away and a nurse discovers them in the morning.

Well, isn’t it the most beautiful story ever? probably not but it depends on the kind of love stories you are craving for. As far as I’m concern, I’ve always wanted to meet my husband at a young age and grow old with him but Life is so unpredictable, you can’t really know what’s going to happen. My last relationship four years ago was entirely based on that idea, I don’t think I was in love with him when I come to think about it, I think I was in love with the idea of him, of us having known each other in High school and reunited years later. We lived together for a year and a half and we broke up because we weren’t meant to be together, we were too different and expected different things from life: I want to be a Conference Interpreter and travel the World and he just wanted to live a simple life in the countryside. Anyway, it might have been the most difficult time of my life, seriously, I didn’t know I could suffer that much; four years later I’m still single because I can’t imagine going through something similar, and I don’t know what I want. People don’t really show their real intentions when coming at you and I don’t want to waste my energy on someone just because I don’t want to be alone. I’ve been there and now I have more self-love and respect for myself to not fall back into these traps. This movie helped me not to give up on Love, I still believe in Love.

Allison and Noah were meant to be together, they had a strong connection from the beginning and it wasn’t just sexually or physically, it was mentally and in every possible ways. They were best friends, they played together, they were young and they weren’t trying to pretend to be anyone else in front of each other. It was them against the whole World. Even when her mother tried to marry her off to a rich and handsome military officer, Noah was still Noah seven years later ! The kind of Love you can only see on TV.

Had I ever known this kind of Love with a capital “L”? I had… When I was very young, he was my first love actually. Funny thing is, he was in love with a friend of mine for a long time but she didn’t know it and at that time I was just fooling around with him, nothing serious, I wasn’t even trying to get him to fall for me or anything, it just happened. I was 11-12 years old at the time in Ivory Coast, it was before I move to France. I used to stay at my uncle’s house to be with my cousins’ because my dad was busy so it was more convenient for me not to be alone. He was my cousins’ neighbour and his sister was a good friend of my older cousin. Long story short, it was a bit complicated, me moving to France, having a new Life, meeting new boys and people etc, like I just said before Life is unpredictable and it failed ! Actually, I don’t even know if we had anything, in fact we never discussed about anything, let’s just say we weren’t meant to be together because I feel like some things were left unsaid, there’s a big question mark but we’ve grown up, we have our lives and I’m happy if he’s doing good so leave it in the past. Anyway, that was the first time I thought I would be with someone my whole life at such a young age, yearning for an Allison and Noah kind of love…

But what is love anyway? I mean do we actually love honestly or are we driven by the ideas that Society brings about all the time through movies and ads etc? I actually try to understand Love but I can’t put myself to find the exact answer so I thought about the kind of love that I would like to encounter if I happen to fall in love again in this lifetime… I think I would like to be pursued, courted, and how is that? I might sound a bit corny but a guy who offers gifts, flowers, knows exactly what you like and put in the efforts to be accepted by you because he knows your worth. This is the kind of relationship I would like to find, not the ego-based one in which you never communicate and it’s always about who’s going to take the initiative. My idea of love is very simple: destiny can’t be forced, if you are meant to be with someone, just be patient, he will come eventually and if he doesn’t, well, being by yourself is not a shame, Life has so much to offer !

Is Apple casting a Spell on its customers?

Maybe, Maybe not…

But there’s one thing that I’m sure of: I’m completely addicted to this brand. First and foremost, let me introduce you to my Apple devices :

Voilàà !

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not trying to brag or anything, it’s just that I really like to have the best tools especially since I’m studying to become an Interpreter, and I just love the best things in life and there’s nothing wrong with that. I will always take my time and save enough money to buy what I need and it’s not to be better than anybody, I’m just the king of person who has a strong spirit and I don’t settle for less than I think I deserve.

Anyway after that’s been said, let’s get to the main points: the PROS and CONS.


  1. The design: certainly the most beautiful phone on the market, I love anything, every part of my iPhone, being able to choose the colour, use any kind of protection from that huge Moschino teddy bear to the fluffy one during Winter, it’s a real pleasure. I also love the Touch ID and the reason why I wouldn’t buy the iPone X is that the Button Home is what makes the iPhone what it is, it has always been there and honestly I would be lost without it. I switched my iPhone 6 for the 6+, 3 years ago to be able to work on my phone wherever I might be, it’s more professional and convenient especially to take pictures (and I prefer it larger). I’m waiting to see what’s going to be brought on the market this September so that I can make up my mind before I can upgrade to a new iPhone. As far as the iPad and the computer are concerned, I feel exactly the same way. I might keep a special paragraph to describe what I really like about my iMac. Being on my iPad is the same as using my iPhone, and lately I found out that when someone is calling me, it also rings on my iPad so it’s like having two iPhones… I wanted an iPad especially for school, to be able to download the courses on the cloud and read them anywhere on a bigger screen.
  2. It’s easy to use: And that’s not because I’m lazy but for another convenience. You see, it’s already really hard to think about anything we need to do on a daily basis, so having to deal with so much applications should be at least easier and Apple got it from the beginning with the Home Button, like I said before, I need it! You just need to push that button and have access to ALL your applications without opening countless files.
  3. A broad range of applications: Well, you will say that Android also has a lot of applications but the App Store is like a goldmine especially when it comes to the apps related to education (with Apple Education). I find anything I need and more when it comes to languages, games related to learning languages or else (The Sims Freeplay that I’ve been playing for almost 10 years now), Podcasts, iBooks where you can download any PDF documents from the internet. Everything is designed for you to have a good time, you rarely have any problem while using your apps.
  4. Music: The reason why I finally bought an iPone in 2012… Long story short, when I was in High School I didn’t like iPhones, I had a Blackberry 9000 with the large keyboard (because I wanted to be like these teenagers in Gossip Girls lol), and I had an iPod for the music. I would have any phones but I always had an iPod. So when I had to change my phone I thought why not, so I went on with the iPhone 4s and I truly loved it.
  5. The Cloud: Which connects all devices together and I couldn’t find anything better than that. It’s really convenient to have access to any files just with one click especially dealing with university courses and assignments. For example, I’ve been playing the SimsFreeplay on my iPod then on my iPhone for over 6 years now and I upload the datas to the cloud so that I can continue to play on any of my devices.
  6. From MacBook Pro to iMac: I had a MacBook Pro in 2013 but I had to sell it because I needed money at the time, I think it might have been one of the most difficult moments of my life because I truly wanted to start this blog and I wanted to do so much things on it but I guess it wasn’t the right time. So I waited patiently and this year my Mom agreed to buy it for me before school starts. I bought an iMac instead of a Laptop, I want to have a professional desk in my bedroom, next to my bookshelf, a place where I can write and study in peace. The computer wasn’t expensive with AppleEducation, I had a good discount and was even offered a Beatssolo3 wireless headphones. I like everything about it, I’m completely mesmerised, like a little girl discovering a brand new world… The screen is so big and the images are clear and very beautiful, it fits my desk perfectly (white on white) I am going to create my own vision of my own world and my brand new iMac is going to be the TOOL. I can’t wait to explore it and become more creative especially on the blog.




OMG !!!!!!! The prices are beyond expensive especially the iPhones!!! The is the only thing that I can complain about, the price, the price and the price. For example, the new iPhone Xs, literally the phone of my dreams (cf photo):


In France, it costs 1 259 euros !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to buy a new one since mine is already 3 years old, but honestly I’d rather save this money for my trip to China and maybe after that trip we’ll see and if I can’t, well it doesn’t matter, I’m really grateful and happy with what I have anyway!

So is this a spell ?

Well, let’s say YES. Why ? Because several years ago I wanted to switch to a Samsung, I bought the phone and kept it for a week because I couldn’t use it, I was completely lost, I couldn’t even send messages. I was only able to answer the calls. So I gave it back and took a Blackberry until I could buy a new iPhone. You see, there’s something fishy about it and even though it’s convenient bla bla bla, let’s not forget that this world is not what it seems!! Some people are addicted to these iPhones, they can’t live without it even in public they would just stick to it and it’s very scary especially for the young ones…


L’apprentissage d’une langue étrangère n’est pas chose facile. Il y a quelques décennies, c’était un luxe que tout le monde ne pouvait pas se permettre. En effet, apprendre une nouvelle langue signifie voyager, partir en immersion dans les pays où sont parlées ces langues. Dans mon cas, j’ai eu beaucoup de chance. Bref, aujourd’hui nous sommes en 2018 et avec le Boom d’internet les choses sont plus faciles. Nous pouvons nous retrouver n’importe où dans le monde avec juste une bonne connexion et un casque bien adapté. C’est ainsi que j’ai découvert les Podcasts 😉. Étant donné que je ne vais pas pouvoir voyager avant au moins 2-3 ans, j’ai décidé de ne pas me décourager et de mettre toutes les chances de mon côté. On parle d’oreille linguistique et c’est un atout à ne surtout pas négliger, en ce qui me concerne c’est carrément un don. Tous les coups sont permis, il faut puiser dans tous les domaines: cultures, actualités, petite enfance (dessins animés, contes…), littérature etc.

Le premier Podcast que je vais vous présenter s’intitule 听故事,学中文 (Apprendre le Chinois en écoutant des histoires/contes). J’ai découvert ce Podcast il y a quelques jours. Je cherchais un moyen de mettre en pratique ce que j’apprends quand j’étudie le vocabulaire, les phrases idiomatiques, l’emploi des verbes et adjectifs etc. C’est ainsi que j’ai trouvé ce que je considère comme un véritable trésor. Ce sont deux natifs chinois qui racontent des histoires/contes. Dans un premier enregistrement, ils racontent l’histoire dans son intégralité, elle dure généralement 3 à 5 minutes. Ensuite dans un second enregistrement qui dure plus longtemps, environ 15-20 minutes, ils expliquent le vocabulaire, l’emploi des mots, des exemples d’utilisation de ces mots dans la vie courante et surtout des 成语 (chengyu, phrases idiomatiques composées de 4 caractères) qui sont beaucoup utilisées en Chine. Il y a plusieurs histoires racontées notamment celles de la culture populaire chinoise, les héros etc mais aussi des traductions de certaines histoires que nous connaissons très bien comme pcelle du “Loup et l’Agneau” célèbre Fable de l’écrivain grec Aesop.

C’est un véritable plaisir pour moi de pouvoir comprendre l’ensemble des histoires qui sont racontées. Je ne comprends pas tous les mots mais je suis capable de traduire “en gros” ce qui est dit et au fond c’est la fonction même de l’Interprète de Conférence: comprendre le contexte et pouvoir le rendre dans sa langue maternelle avec les mots et expressions qui se rapprochent le plus de la source. Bref, c’est un Podcast que je recommande vivement…

A télécharger dans l’AppStore

Playa de Montgat, Barcelona

Domingo 16 de Julio

Ha sido un tiempo desde que no había ido a la playa. La principal razón es que no sé como nadar entonces no voy a la piscina o a la playa. Este día estaba muy especial porque he encontrado una persona hermosa quien me llevó a la playa con su moto. Al principio quería tomar el tren para ir a Costa Brava sola pero le encontré en el restaurante de Tacos y me invitó ir con él el Domingo. Yo sé, sé que podría haber sido peligroso pero no toda la gente es una mala persona. Tuve un tiempo maravilloso, nos llevábamos muy bien. He nadado un poco y me sentía muy bien y relajada.

Había mucha gente en la playa pero no había tantas turistas como en la Barceloneta. Los Chiringuitos que están en la playa vendan comida con pescados, mariscos y también muchas cervezas.

Disfruté de estos momentos antes de volver a Francia el día siguiente. De verdad, como un año antes, mi decisión de vivir en Barcelona algún día sigue siendo la misma. Rezo a Dios por el día en el que voy a poder vivir en esta Ciudad. Barcelona tiene todo : el Mar, las Montañas, el medio ambiente es perfecto para descansar y muy limpio. Hay un sentimiento de libertad que no se puedo sentir en otro lugar. La gente es humilde, simple, llena de vida, alegre… Aconsejo este lugar a todos los espíritus libres de este Mundo, no se van a repentir de su viaje en Barcelona, es una promesa !

De vuelta a Barcelona, ha sido un tiempo…

Es un hecho que el año pasado estaba viviendo en Barcelona durante algunos meses. La primera vez que fui allí, estaba en el mes de Octubre de 2015 hasta el fin de Noviembre del mismo año. Después, volví allí el 18 de Enero 2016 hasta el fin de Abril cuando tuve una enfermedad y tenía que volver a Francia.
Fueron los mejores meses de mi vida aquí en Europa. La energía en esta Ciudad es tan grande que solo podemos enamorarnos de todo.

Llevaba un año entero que estaba soñando con volver a Barcelona. Esta vez, quería hacer lo que no tuve el tiempo de hacer cuando vivía allí. Primero, porque estaba viviendo allí durante el invierno y segundo, porque no estaba en el estado mental para disfrutar y ser feliz. No pasa nada porque esta experiencia me hizo crecer y madurar. Me enfadé mucho cuando volví a Francia pero ahora me doy cuenta de que a veces las cosas no se pasan como nos queremos, pero todo sucede por una razón…


Esta vez no tomé el Bus pero el avión ! Estaba caro pero quería disfrutar de todo los aspectos de un viaje correcto y como soy una mujer pienso que a veces es necesario gastar un poco más especialmente cuando es mi propio dinero. Entonces, fui al Aeropuerto Paris-Beauvais. Tuve que tomar un bus desde París Porte Maillot porque la Ciudad de Beauvais se encuentra a 1h25 de París. El boleto de avión me ha costado 250€ ( RyanAir) más o menos. Podía pagar menos pero estaba el periodo de las vacaciones entonces eso fue lo más barato. El avión despegó a las 21h40 y aterrizamos a las 23h30.


Desde el aeropuerto de Barcelona, tuve que tomar un taxi o el metro para ir al Hostel Generator. Este Hostel estaba situado en el centro de la Ciudad en el Carrer de Còrsega cerca de Passeig de Gracia.

Es un Hostel de jóvenes si puedo decir las cosas así, la mayoría de la gente es joven. Cuando llegué, me dé cuenta de dos cosas : había un bar o una discoteca en la planta baja y lo que más me sorprendí estaba las habitaciones mixtas. Pues, no es una sorpresa sobretodo en un hostel pero no he visto eso en el sitio web. Al final, todo fue muy bien, me encontré con gente agradable y chinos con los que he tenido mi primera conversación chino. Me sentía muy orgullosa porque me dijeron que hablo chino como si tuviera allí. Ahora tengo confianza en mi misma y sé que puedo conseguir el nivel más alto en chino, con paciencia y mucho trabajo.

De todos modos, la habitación era muy cómoda. Había un baño común y aseos pero estaba muy limpia. Hubo ocho literas y tuve la de arriba.


El primer día (porque llegué el viernes muy tarde por la noche entonces sólo fui a caminar por las calles y tuve un momento en una Asociación para descansar un poco antes de ir a la cama), fui a comprar algunas cosas porque no tuve ningún equipaje, sólo un Totebag con mis papeles, mi dinero y tarjetas de créditos. Estaba el periodo de las rebajas y quería ir de compras porque los precios en Barcelona son muy baratos como en todo el Sur de Europa. Compré muchas cosas y todo en el estiló del verano: una ropa blanca, sandalias de flecos, joyería étnica, una bolsita; con todo eso, estaba lista para un día increíble 😉

He empezado mi aventura por las Ramblas, caminando hasta El Mercat de la Boqueria para tomar un desayuno sano sólo con frutas y zumo de frutas, no tuve la fuerza de buscar la empanadas será por la próxima vez !

Hay tantas cosas en este mercado, sabores exóticos y he visto algunas frutas que sólo había visto en Africa. No sólo frutas pero también chocolate artesanal, dátiles que son énormes,

Pimientos de todas las formas y colores, el jamón ibérico,

Pescados y mariscos,

Y más …


Luego fui a comer a un restaurante de mariscos en la Barceloneta. He soñado durante un año con la Sopa de Mariscos, la comí como si fuera mi última comida con un buen vino blanco que me aconsejó el camarero. Durante la comida, había un grupo diez mujeres que estaban celebrando una despedida de soltera, fue divertido y me dé cuenta de que el pueblo español es un pueblo lleno de vida, de alegría y sabe más que nadie hacer la fiesta !

Arc de Triomf to Parc de la Ciutadella

” Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer “



I’m currently living in Barcelona for a couple of month which is part of my training to get to my Conference Interpreter’s Master. I chose to come to Spain and it was a last minute decision because I wanted to go to Cuba, to discover something completely different and of course to improve my third language which is Spanish. But things didn’t really go the way I planned so I ended up in Barcelona. Sometimes we face some situations with anger in the first place and then we enjoy whatever comes next. In my case, I completely fell in love with this place and I’m planning to live here until my Spanish gets perfect… Anyway, Barcelona is known to be one of the most touristic city in the World, and this is undeniable since you meet people from any countries and hear several languages. I feel like I speak English more than I actually speak Spanish !

In this section of the site, I will be posting articles about the places I will be visiting, especially the historical places. I started with the Arc de Triomf and Parc de la Ciutadella because they are opened to the public. However some parts like the ZOO or the Museum of Natural Science in the Park aren’t free and need more time to schedule a visit so it will be for the holidays in a couple weeks.

I’m really glad to share my adventures with you and I hope you will enjoy and learn as much as you can. Feel free to leave some comments below !!



The Arc de Triomf or Arco de Triunfo in Spanish, is an arch in the manner of a memorial or triumphal arch in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain). It was built as the main access gate for the 1888 Barcelona World Fair by architect Josep Vilaseca i Casanovas.

The arch is built in reddish brickwork in the Neo-Mudéjar style. The front frieze contains the stone sculpture Barcelona rep les nacions (Catalan for “Barcelona welcomes the nations”) by Josep Reynés. The opposite frieze contains a stone carving entitled Recompensa (Recompense), a work from Josep Llimona’s the earliest period, representing the granting of awards to the participants in the World Exposition. The friezes along the side of the arch include allegories of Agriculture and Industry, works by Antoni Vilanova, and of Trade and Art by Torquat Tasso.

The arch presides over Passeig de Lluis Companys, a wide promenade leading to the Ciutadella Park. It is located at the top of the promenade, where it meets Passeig de Sant Joan.

Similar structures, though with other uses or aims, can be found in Paris (France), London (England), Brooklyn (New York) and Bucharest (Romania), among many others.

Source: Wikipedia

IMG_0808 (2)
Arc de Triomf, Passeig de Lluis Companys
FullSizeRender (14)
Arc de Triomf
FullSizeRender (15).jpg
Passeig de Lluis Companys


In 1714, during the War of the Spanish Succession, Barcelona was laid siege for 13 months by the army of Philip V of Spain. The city fell, and in order to maintain control over it, and to prevent the Catalans from rebelling as they had in the previous century, Philip V built the citadel of Barcelona, at that time the largest fortress in Europe.

Hundreds of Catalonians were forced to work on the construction for three years, while the rest of the city provided financial backing for this and for warfare-related expenses as well, with a new tax named e/cadestre. Three decades later, a quarter was rebuilt around the fortress named Barceloneta, which is located inside the neighborhood Ciutat Vella.

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Quadriga de l’Aurora on the top of the Font de la cascada

The Cascada (waterfall or cascade in Spanish) is located at the northern corner of the park opposite to the lake. It was first inaugurated in 1881 without sculptures or any meticulous details, and was thereby criticized by the press, after which this triumphal arch was thoroughly amended by the addition of a fountain and some minor attributes, which required six years of construction from 1882 to 1888, and was thenceforth put on display at the Universal Exhibition, and hitherto not been redesigned. It was erected by Josep Fontsére and to a small extent by Antoni Gaudi, who at that time was still an unknown student of architecture. Fontsére aimed to loosely make it bear resemblance to the Trevi Fountain of Rome. Two enormous pincers of gigantic crabs serve as stairs to access a small podium located in the centre of the monument. In front of it a sculpture (designed by Venanci Vallmitjana) of Venus standing on an open clam was placed. The whole cascade is divided in two levels. From the podium on a path leads to the Feminine Sculpture and to the northeastern corner of the park, and upon following the route down the stairs, the fountain’s pond is rounded and the southern tip of the artifact is reached.

Source: Wikipedia

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Font de la Cascada, Parc de la Ciutadella
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The lake in the Parc de la Ciutadella

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The Park’s Bandstand

Glorieta de la Transsexual Sonia, is dedicated to a transsexual, Sonia Rescalvo Zafra, who was murdered there on 6 October 1991 by right-wing extremists.

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Glorieta de la Transsexual Sonia

” A Sonia Rescalvo Zafra, que va morir brutalment assassinada el 6 d’octubre de 1991 en aquesta glorieta per un grup de neonazis a causa de la seva identitat de gènere. La ciutat de Barcelona condemna aquest crim i rebutja qualsevol actitud o accio que vulneri els drets recollits a la Declaracio Universal dels Drets Humans “.


” To Sonia Rescalvo Zafra, who was brutally murdered on 6 October 1991 in the bandstand by a group of neo-Nazis for her gender identity. The city of Barcelona condemns this crime and rejects all attitudes and actions that violate the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights “.


Exploring the Park…

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Varieties of Trees
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Varieties of Plants 


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