Hello guys !! How is 2019 going so far ? Well, if you’ve read my other posts you might have noticed that I don’t know how to start but I’m working on that catchphrase thingy…  Anyway, today I want to share my best 2019’s moment with you all and I hope you will be asContinue reading “MELROSE PLACE PODCAST”

Have you been Notebooked? I have…

Sometimes we need to be apart to understand just how much we love each other The Notebook Lately I felt the need to write about this movie. Actually I didn’t want to be cliché or else whatsoever but honestly I’m in love with Love itself so naturally I had to mention this movie on myContinue reading “Have you been Notebooked? I have…”

Trad. Version ANG>FR

Bonjour à vous amis Poleeglots ! Aujourd’hui, je vous propose de lire la traduction que j’ai faite d’un article du New York Times intitulé Chinese tighten belts: No avocados, cocktails or kids, paru le weekend du 25-26 Août. Je pense que vous avez tous suivi le début de la guerre commerciale entre les Etats-Unis etContinue reading “Trad. Version ANG>FR”

Can we go back to the 80s?

Did you ever wish you were born in a different generation? Well, I did and still do… Ever since I started speaking English, I always wanted to find a way to improve and the best way to do so is to immerse yourself in the culture whether it’s movies, music, books or else, I’m totallyContinue reading “Can we go back to the 80s?”