La série suit la vie de trois jeunes ayant reçu une bourse pour étudier à Las Encinas, un prestigieux lycée espagnol, suite à l’effondrement de leur ancien lycée. Les arrivées de Samuel, Nadia et Christian ne seront pas simples, car les étudiants du lycée ne leur faciliteront pas les choses. Mais entre humiliation et harcèlement scolaire se produit le meurtre d’un des adolescents. Il reste à découvrir qui est le meurtrier.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Mi comentario?

Esta serie se parece mucho a Gossip Girl, la serie americana de 2006 que hablaba de los ricos de Manhattan. Pues, de verdad, cuando veo una serie de estos Paises (Inglaterra, Estado Unidos, España etc.) es para mejorar mis lenguas de trabajo pero en el fondo, no me interesan para nada.

A mi no me importa lo que la gente piensa, esta serie es una porqueria y hoy en día en estos paises es “mola”. Para mi, no es asi, necesito ver algo que me muestra el respeto de los seres humanos. El tema estaba muy bien y muy actual, como las discriminaciones pero aqui también es como si fuera una manera de accentuar esas discriminaciones y dividir más a la gente.

No puedo aconsejar esta serie a nadie. Lo siento a los españoles pero si algunas personas quieren mejorar su español, mejor escuchar los Podcasts o ver series Latinoamericanas !


Hello guys!!

I hope you’re having a delicious week despite the cold weather…

As for me, it couldn’t have been better, and to be perfectly honest, I’m having the time of my Life!! Why is that? Well, I’VE BEEN NETFLIXED !!!! You might have figured that I invented a new word to describe my new addiction to the popular streaming App. I’m a little bit late, but it was Love at first sight… really I couldn’t have imagined my Life to take such a turn at the very end of 2018. I’ve been on a roll lately at school and at work, everything is going as I planned so I’ve decided to resume my German Lessons. I started using the Website Deutsch.info as well as an App named Busuu which is also very popular. The thing is, I needed more, I always need more when it comes to learning languages. I needed to listen and feel the German language…

Anyway, I started my journey down the rabbit hole and I was so happy to find a bunch of oldies that I could watch in the languages that I speak and learn. I was so exited to watch the Gilmore Girls in German with French subtitles of course, but I can already recognize some vocabulary I’ve been learning lately and the structure of the sentences such as “Ich habe meine Schlüssel vergessen” (meaning “I forgot my keys”) so now I can use the same structure for anything I might forget in the future if I travel to Berlin. It makes it easier to learn the grammar when listening to conversations in context. The German language is not an easy one especially with the cases (Akkusativ, Nominativ…), I’m struggling so Netflix comes in handy.

Have you tried Netflix? Please share your experience in the comment section and if you have some advice for a newbie like me, I’m all ears!


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