Fishing for Words, Idioms, Phrases…

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Well, I’ve been trying some new experiences to improve in my languages, it’s been fun and very productive so I’ve decided to write a quick article about how to go “fishing for words, idioms, phrases…”.

First, what is fishing? According to google search, fishing is “the activity of catching fish, either for food or as a sport”, so I’ve decided to apply this method in my pursuit for more vocabulary.

Second, where to fish? Basically everywhere, at anytime: movies, shows, Tv shows, music lyrics, ads, series, magazines, newspapers… You need to be hungry for knowledge, be curious and give a chance to every topic whether it is interesting or not, you need to force yourself because as a future Translator or Interpreter, you will not be stuck in just one field of activity. I remember last summer during my training, I was working for a Conference named France Vet. I met this incredible man, an interpreter who had great experience in the field, he was very good. The Conference was about animals, veterinary medicine, not an easy one, but he was used to it as he told me, he had been the interpreter for the same conference for years. I got to be in the booth with and he had no computer, no vocabulary list, nothing, he just had a paper and a pencil to draw, his iPhone, and headphones on ready to start interpreting. I, on the other hand, was feeding my curiosity with new words and expressions from the Medical Glossary. My point is, that man wasn’t a veterinary medicine expert, he worked on several assignments around the globe and yet he was able to adapt to this rather complicated topic. So to me, the job starts now, and brings us to our last but not least point…

Third, how to fish? Grab a pen and a notebook, set up your fishing rod and be ready to catch a lot of colorful expressions and idioms that will make you sound like a native English speaker.

  • Do not write down the entire script of the movie or show, the purpose here is to identify the words and expressions that you don’t understand. You can find some idioms or phrases that come from a popular belief, a famous book or some historical facts. For example, in the tvshow The Originals there was the saying “Uneasy is the head that wears the crown” which is a line from the play King Henry the Fourth, part Two, by William Shakespeare and refers to a person who has great responsibilities such as a king and is constantly worried, therefore doesn’t sleep soundly. In this episode, this saying was used by Marcel who was wary of his old friend and mentor Klaus Mickaelson, an original vampire willing to do anything to take back the town of New Orleans, to be the new King of the vampires. So Marcel was becoming paranoid and used this saying in a conversation to imply the obvious reason being that his Kingdom was in danger.


  • Beware of the language being used in the audio or the video. Whether it’s formal or informal, in which part of the World it is spoken etc. This is crucial. You obviously know that several parts of the World were colonized. The Commonwealth is comprised of 53 states members, so the language is not the same in London or in Accra (Ghana, Africa). Be open-minded and watch movies and productions from these countries, try to dive into their culture. For example in Africa (or in the Caribbean, Solomon Islands and so on), several English speakers would mix the English with the local languages, it is called the Pijin language. It’s the same for the European Spanish and the Latin american Spanish; the thing here is that South American Spanish is the most spoken around the World but European Spanish is the official language in Translation/Interpretation, we have to refer to the RAE (Real Academia Española) and be sure that the words or expressions we use exist in this dictionary. There is all the more reason to learn more words and expressions from one continent to the other and know their proper meaning in European Spanish. The same rules apply to the German language which is spoken in Switzerland, Austria and Germany; and of course in the Chinese language.


  • After collecting you little treasures, you can try to write an essay or an article and use what you’ve learned. Use synonyms, switch the form of the verbs, replace one word with another. Have fun and make mistakes, it’s the only way to learn ! By doing this, you’ll be memorizing these words in no time…




Princess Agents 楚乔传

Release date: June 5, 2017

The story takes place during the chaotic times of Northern Wei, where innocent citizens are often kidnapped and turned into slaves. Slave girl, Chu Qiao (Zhao Liying) is thrown into a forest along with other slaves and becomes the next hunting target for the rich lords. She is saved by the Prince of Northern Yan, Yan Xun (Shawn Dou) and Yuwen Yue. Afterwards, she is brought into a powerful family of Yuwen and witnesses their bloody power struggle. Seeing this, she swears to take her younger sisters and flee from the situation. However, she catches the attention of Yuwen Yue (Lin Gengxin) and undergoes strict training while building a sense of companionship with Yan Xun. Unfortunately, the schemes of the nobles in Western Wei cause Yan Xun’s family to be slaughtered and branded as traitors.

After that incident, Yan Xun becomes ambitious and cruel as he promises to take revenge for the things and the people he lost. He later starts to doubt Chu Qiao and takes advantages of her loyalty many times, disregarding their close-knitted friendship as well as the sacrifices he will have to make for power. Disappointed with the man she once trusted, Chu Qiao eventually breaks off her ties with Yan Xun and chooses to fight with Yuwen Yue to destroy Yan Xun’s plans of vengeance.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Mon commentaire?

En quelques mots : impressionnant, époustouflant, fantastique, incroyable, parfait… Bref, je suis fan !

Au début, je voulais regarder la série car Zhao Li Ying est l’une de mes actrices chinoises préférées. Elle est belle, son jeu est sans doute le meilleur au petit écran et pour cause, elle est l’actrice la mieux payée de cette plateforme. Je l’apprécie beaucoup et comme pour la plupart des actrices que j’apprécie, je regarde tous les films et séries dans lesquels elles ont joué, pour comparer leur performance. J’ai pu la voir sous toutes les formes, du drama moderne au drama historique et à mon avis, elle est née pour jouer dans des dramas historiques cela ne fait aucun doute!

Contrairement aux autres dramas historiques dans lesquels j’ai pu la voir, le rôle de Chu Qiao est plus sérieux. Nous avons affaire à une esclave mais qui est consciente de sa valeur, qui est consciente qu’elle n’est pas définie par son statut d’esclave, elle est avant tout un être humain au même titre que les autres. Elle se bat pour survivre dans un monde injuste envers le commun des mortels. D’ailleurs, nous pouvons le constater dès le premier épisode de la série qui est plutôt fort, je vous conseille de bien attraper votre cœur car il est dur… On assiste à une chasse à l’Homme ou une chasse aux esclaves si je puis dire. Les fils des grandes familles de la ville sont de sortis pour s’amuser et s’entraîner au tire à l’arc. Les cibles sont des esclaves lâchées dans la nature, elles se font poursuivre par des loups et les maîtres s’amusent à leur tirer dessus. Ils tuent sans autre forme de procès. Chu Qiao se bat jusqu’à la dernière minute et reste seule survivante de ce massacre. Elle attire l’attention de Yan Xun qui lui sauve la vie à plusieurs reprises et avec lequel elle développe une très forte amitié.

Ce que j’ai le plus aimé dans ce rôle, c’est la confiance qu’elle a en elle-même, quoiqu’il arrive et peu importe la situation dans laquelle elle se trouve. Tout au long de la série on la voit devenir de plus en plus forte surtout en Kung Fu. Je n’ai pas regardé les épisodes du tournage mais franchement Zhao Li Ying a vraiment incarné Chu Qiao dans tous les sens du terme, les gestes de combat étaient précis, un sans faute à tous les niveaux bref un vrai régal pour les yeux. JE ne vais pas rentrer dans plus de détails, je me concentre surtout sur l’actrice parce que c’est la seule que je connais parmi les acteurs mais il y en a d’autres que j’ai remarqué et j’ai hâte de regarder les dramas dans lesquels ils ont joué. Notamment Dou Xiao dans le rôle de Yan Xun, l’héritier de Yan Bei qui a vu sa famille massacrée et qui met en place un plan de vengeance infaillible avec l’aide de Chu Qiao. Un vrai Shuai Ge, il est tellement beau et plus il devient méchant plus il devient beau avec ses anneaux à l’oreille gauche. Il y a aussi Lin Gengxin dans le rôle de Yuwen Yue, l’ancien maître de Chu Qiao et celui qui lui apprend tout ce qu’elle sait sur les arts martiaux. Il est amoureux d’elle mais leur relation reste très vague, il se contente de la sauver à plusieurs reprises même s’il commet des actes de trahison envers l’état de Wei pour lequel il travaille comme espion. Ce témoignage d’amour, l’homme qui est prêt à tout risquer pour sa bien-aimée, franchement les chinois savent mettre toutes ses émotions en scène et c’est beau à voir. N’oublions pas Deng Lun, dans le rôle de Xiao Ce le prince frivole de Liang. J’ai pu le voir dans d’autres séries et comme d’habitude je n’étais pas déçue. C’est la première fois que je le vois dans un wuxia et de toute façon tout comme Zhao Li Ying, quand on est un bon acteur, on l’est dans n’importe quel rôle.

Quand je regarde une production chinoise, j’ai vraiment l’impression d’assister à la matérialisation d’une oeuvre d’art et je ne m’en lasserai jamais…

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Hola todos!

Hoy quiero hablar de una serie española que he descubierto este fin de semana en Se llama “iFamily”.

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iFamily’ es una comedia española producida por Televisión Española junto a Juan Alexandre (‘Ana y los siete‘), escrita por José Luis Acosta y dirigida por Rafa Montesinos.

La serie gira en torno a las aventuras de Kike y Luis, dos hermanos totalmente opuestos y que no se soportan el uno al otro pero que tendrán que conseguir sacar a su familia adelante fingiendo ser de una manera totalmente diferente a como realmente son.

Luis, papel interpretado por Antonio Garrido, tiene cuatro hijos de los que nunca se ha ocupado hasta ahora que quiere y no puede: Laura (Sara Vidorreta), Carlos (Santi Díaz), Miguel (Arnau Colomer) y Ana (Alicia Chojnowski).

Luis nunca ejerció de padre y ahora que debe y quiere, no puede. Kike siempre huye de las responsabilidades y ahora le llega la mayor de ellas. Girón, un implacable abogado y Curro, un liante profesional y dueño del bar del barrio donde ambos crecieron, serán los consejeros de uno y otro. También aparecerá Lola, una trabajadora social tan estricta en lo profesional como insegura en lo personal que seguirá de cerca la educación de los niños. Una familia atípica, actual y “conectada”.

Su hermano, Kike (Raúl Fernández), es un chico que huye de todo tipo de preocupaciones y que dedica su tiempo libre a vivir la vida y a jugar a las cartas. Cuando menos se lo espera le llega su primera y más importante responsabilidad: cuidar de sus sobrinos pero no sin antes lograr convencer a Lola (Bárbara Goenaga) de que, a pesar de su forma de afrontar el día a día, está totalmente capacitado para ello.

La ficción cuenta con un reparto estrella que lo completan Fernando Cayo, que da vida al abogado de Luis; Antonio Resines, que encarna a Curro, un empresario que no es trigo limpio; Karmen Garay, Inés en ‘iFamily’, la hija de Curro; Alicia Fernández, que interpreta a África, la niñera, y Chanel Terrero, que es Isa, la actual novia de Luis. La serie se estrena el martes 7 de marzo de 2017.

A mi me encanta mucho ver esta serie por varias razones pero sobretodo para mejorar mi nivel en español y aprender mas sobre la cultura española. La historia es muy interesante también los personajes son atractivos. He visto solo los primeros capítulos y no puedo decir mas que querría saber si habra una segunda temporada…

My Best Friend, Rory GILMORE

The series has two protagonists: witty “thirty-something” mother Lorelai Gilmore and her intellectual teenage daughter Rory. Their backstory is established early in the show: Lorelai grew up in Hartford with her old moneyparents, Richard and Emily, but always felt stifled by this environment. She accidentally became pregnant at age sixteen and left home a year later to raise Rory in the close-knit town of Stars Hollow. Lorelai found work and shelter at the Independence Inn, where she eventually progressed from maid to executive manager. Lorelai and Rory develop a very close relationship, living like best friends, and Lorelai is proud of the independent life she has formed away from her parents. In the pilot episode, she is forced to go to them when Rory is admitted to Chilton Preparatory School, but she cannot afford the tuition fees. Emily and Richard agree to provide a loan, so long as the girls join them every Friday night for dinner. This sets up the show’s primary conflict, as the Gilmores are forced to face their differences and complicated past. The contrasting mother–daughter relationships of Emily–Lorelai and Lorelai–Rory become a defining theme of the show. Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has summarized the core of Gilmore Girls:

“I think the theme was always family and connection. I always felt like the underlying thing about Gilmore was that, if you happened to be born into a family that doesn’t really understand you, go out and make your own. That’s what Lorelai did. She went out and she made her own family. The ironic twist in her life is that then this daughter that she created this half family for, likes the family that she left. It was a cycle of crazy family.”

The series also focuses on both girls’ ambition: Rory to attend an Ivy League college and become a journalist, and Lorelai to open an inn with her best friend Sookie St. James. The romantic relationships of the protagonists are another key feature; throughout the series Lorelai has a “will-they-won’t-they” dynamic with her friend, local diner owner Luke Danes, while also harboring unresolved feelings for Rory’s father, Christopher Hayden. Rory has three boyfriends during the run of the show – local boy Dean Forrester, mysterious, well read bad boy Jess Mariano, and wealthy charismatic Logan Huntzberger. The quirky townspeople of Stars Hollow are a constant presence. Along with series-long and season-long arcs, Gilmore Girls is also episodic in nature, with mini-plots within each episode – such as a town festival, an issue at Lorelai’s inn, or a school project of Rory’s.

Source: Wikipedia

It’s a Mother-Daughter thing…


This show aired in October 2000 and I remember watching it when I was 15-16 years old. Rory Gilmore became my best friend at first sight. If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll probably think that I hate western series and movies, but that’s not the case. I used to love a lot of movies and shows and I will be writing about it more and more. You will then understand where I’m heading at, starting with Rory G.

Rory is a 16 year-old girl who lives with a mother and barely knows her father. She is very smart, she loves to read, she studies very hard to fulfill her dream which is studying at Harvard after finishing High School. She has a strong relationship with her mother, she trusts her, she’s her best friend.Well, when I watched the first episode, I felt I had so much in common with her. I also grew up with my mom, without a father and few friends. I was very smart, shy, I had (and still have) a strong relationship. I was literally seeing my own life on TV. Thanks to Rory, I started reading and dreaming of having my own dream to follow and work hard for. I admired her steadiness and sometimes envied her stable life. She didn’t have any major problems and she would always stay focused on her dream not matter what. When she fell in love for the first time, then broke up, I was as devastated as she was, I could feel every emotions and sometimes wished I was there with her to ease the pain. I had never felt so connected to anyone like I was with Rory Gilmore. This is the kind of show I really loved to watch from Hollywood even though they also paved the way for teenage sex (Rory did her first time with her ex-boyfriend who happened to be married at the time, but thank God she was already 18 and studying at Yale University), it was less obvious than today.

After all that’s been said, I recommend this show to anyone who’s looking for an inspiring role model especially if you have a teenage daughter. I love this show so much that I usually watch the 7 seasons every year, in September, when school is about to start. Actually, I think I will just buy the whole 7 seasons on the iTunes Store and watch it on my iPad, in English of course.


Because I met you 因为遇见你

Release date: 2017

Main lead: Sun Yi (Zhang Guo Guo), Deng Lun (Li Yun Kai), Wu You (Zhang Yu Xin), Dai Chao (Li Yun Zhe)

Zhang Guo Guo grew up in a Wonton shop and is also the food-delivery girl for the town. Although she did not receive high education, she is loved by her neighborhood because of her enthusiastic and sincere personality. But what people don’t know is that Guo Guo is actually a famous embroidery workshop boss‘s daughter, and an accident caused her to grow up in the small town. 

Guo Guo has a unique talent when it comes to embroidery. Guo Guo is very grateful for Wang Aiyu for raising her, so she views Wang Ai Yu’s biological daughter, Zhang Yu Xin, as her own family. On the road to pursuing their dreams, the two girls meet brothers Li Yun Kai and Li Yun Zhe, and love blossoms.

Source: DramaList

My comment?

Another beautiful drama seen in 2017… I’ve already watched it twice and I might start to watch it again after writing this article… Even though it’s the typical drama story, everything was perfectly said and done, I have no major comments except that I met another great actor Deng Lun, who has been particularly popular this year with several dramas. I mentioned him in the post about “Ode to Joy”, in which he played in 2016.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "deng lun"


I also got to meet Sun Yi playing Zhang Guo Guo. She is extremely beautiful, I mean they’re all beautiful but she has a special beauty, she’s like no other (cf photo). I think she’s a newbie because usually when I really like an actress, I look for her previous dramas and I found none when it comes to her so let’s see if she’ll have more opportunities in the future.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "sun yi"

She has a strong connection with Deng Lun as they act as childhood sweethearts. The story is truly moving, I was crying at times especially when she’s rejected by her stepsister and when her foster mother never shows her any affection. One thing we can say is that she learned it the hard way and that’s why she later becomes a successful and beautiful woman; she’s humble despite the fact that she is actually from a wealthy family. I really admire this type of person whether in dramas or in real life, people with this kind of character and energy really tend to impress me. In fact, I’m not impressed by money, luxury whatsoever, and it’s a pity that people nowadays only pretend to be somebody else. Anyway, I will award a 100 points to this drama and I highly recommend it to anybody who needs to learn more about what’s truly important in Life.