My Best Friend, Rory GILMORE

The series has two protagonists: witty “thirty-something” mother Lorelai Gilmore and her intellectual teenage daughter Rory. Their backstory is established early in the show: Lorelai grew up in Hartford with her old moneyparents, Richard and Emily, but always felt stifled by this environment. She accidentally became pregnant at age sixteen and left home a year later to raise Rory in the close-knit town of Stars Hollow. Lorelai found work and shelter at the Independence Inn, where she eventually progressed from maid to executive manager. Lorelai and Rory develop a very close relationship, living like best friends, and Lorelai is proud of the independent life she has formed away from her parents. In the pilot episode, she is forced to go to them when Rory is admitted to Chilton Preparatory School, but she cannot afford the tuition fees. Emily and Richard agree to provide a loan, so long as the girls join them every Friday night for dinner. This sets up the show’s primary conflict, as the Gilmores are forced to face their differences and complicated past. The contrasting mother–daughter relationships of Emily–Lorelai and Lorelai–Rory become a defining theme of the show. Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has summarized the core of Gilmore Girls:

“I think the theme was always family and connection. I always felt like the underlying thing about Gilmore was that, if you happened to be born into a family that doesn’t really understand you, go out and make your own. That’s what Lorelai did. She went out and she made her own family. The ironic twist in her life is that then this daughter that she created this half family for, likes the family that she left. It was a cycle of crazy family.”

The series also focuses on both girls’ ambition: Rory to attend an Ivy League college and become a journalist, and Lorelai to open an inn with her best friend Sookie St. James. The romantic relationships of the protagonists are another key feature; throughout the series Lorelai has a “will-they-won’t-they” dynamic with her friend, local diner owner Luke Danes, while also harboring unresolved feelings for Rory’s father, Christopher Hayden. Rory has three boyfriends during the run of the show – local boy Dean Forrester, mysterious, well read bad boy Jess Mariano, and wealthy charismatic Logan Huntzberger. The quirky townspeople of Stars Hollow are a constant presence. Along with series-long and season-long arcs, Gilmore Girls is also episodic in nature, with mini-plots within each episode – such as a town festival, an issue at Lorelai’s inn, or a school project of Rory’s.

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It’s a Mother-Daughter thing…


This show aired in October 2000 and I remember watching it when I was 15-16 years old. Rory Gilmore became my best friend at first sight. If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll probably think that I hate western series and movies, but that’s not the case. I used to love a lot of movies and shows and I will be writing about it more and more. You will then understand where I’m heading at, starting with Rory G.

Rory is a 16 year-old girl who lives with a mother and barely knows her father. She is very smart, she loves to read, she studies very hard to fulfill her dream which is studying at Harvard after finishing High School. She has a strong relationship with her mother, she trusts her, she’s her best friend.Well, when I watched the first episode, I felt I had so much in common with her. I also grew up with my mom, without a father and few friends. I was very smart, shy, I had (and still have) a strong relationship. I was literally seeing my own life on TV. Thanks to Rory, I started reading and dreaming of having my own dream to follow and work hard for. I admired her steadiness and sometimes envied her stable life. She didn’t have any major problems and she would always stay focused on her dream not matter what. When she fell in love for the first time, then broke up, I was as devastated as she was, I could feel every emotions and sometimes wished I was there with her to ease the pain. I had never felt so connected to anyone like I was with Rory Gilmore. This is the kind of show I really loved to watch from Hollywood even though they also paved the way for teenage sex (Rory did her first time with her ex-boyfriend who happened to be married at the time, but thank God she was already 18 and studying at Yale University), it was less obvious than today.

After all that’s been said, I recommend this show to anyone who’s looking for an inspiring role model especially if you have a teenage daughter. I love this show so much that I usually watch the 7 seasons every year, in September, when school is about to start. Actually, I think I will just buy the whole 7 seasons on the iTunes Store and watch it on my iPad, in English of course.


Did the movie Pretty Woman pave the way for the “sugar daddies” of our time ?

Before I start talking about the main subject in this new article, I would like to point out that I’m trying to raise awareness about how some ideas are being implemented in our minds or in the minds of our children. Actually I’m a young adult who will turn 27 this year and because of my experience of going through so much at a young age, I want these things to be out and I don’t want to hear anyone tell me “oh, it’s okay, you know, that’s just the way it is“, NO, it’s not. I wish I had someone back then to teach me those things. Anyway, most of the time I will use movies I’ve been watching as an example. In today’s article, I will focus on Pretty Woman, famous movie released in the early 90’s about a billionaire who end up falling in love with a prostitute.

Let’s have our first Critical Thinking…

I remember when I first saw this movie I thought to myself: why would I take this woman as an example? I mean there’s nothing to be proud about being a prostitute, these women are having a really hard time out there, and instead of helping them, raise awareness and protect them, this society is making money out of their misery… what was the true purpose of this movie?

Then… the sugar daddies started to become popular (or sugar mommies). At first you might think it’s nothing, but then you start to realize that these men and women are just disgusting pedophiles with pervy minds who just want to take advantage of young girls or young boys who are struggling to make ends meet…

Nowadays, you can find these kinds of movies anywhere which includes babysitters having sexual intercourses with the kids’dad for money or gifts and more. I used to watch a lot of them because I thought something was off, but I didn’t know what it was. Now, it’s obvious that they are trying to force this on us subconsciously so that when time comes with a Law, we won’t be able to do anything about it, just like some other Laws which are forced on us. 

What’s the impact in 2018?

Well, You know what they say: “(the love of) Money is the root of all evil” and 2018 (since 2007) has shown and continue to show us that some people are willing to do absolutely anything to become rich and famous.

Today, it’s particularly difficult to have a decent life when you have a child, bills to pay even more for us students. Some of us may have our parents to support us, but for those who are completely depending on themselves, life becomes unbearable. And why is that? Because we live in a consumption society and all the advertising is driving people crazy. They want new clothes, new shoes, new phones, computers, tablets etc, and if you’re not part of it you are stigmatized by everybody around you which oftentimes leads to depression, anxiety and let’s go as far as to add that some people even commit suicide because they can’t take it anymore… 

Following these situations, some young students started to look for new ways to get more money and live comfortably, like having a SUGAR DADDY. Let’s read a definition from the Urban dictionary: A Sugar Daddy is a boyfriend who comes with financial benefits. Sugar benefactors can help to cover tuition, bills, and frequently enjoy bestowing gifts upon their partners. Sugar Daddies exist on three levels. The Splenda Daddy is on the lowest end. He promises to shower a partner with cash and gifts, but often is limited by his income. Next is the Sugar Daddy who has a budgeted amount of sugar funds that he allocates to his sugar partner on a weekly or monthly basis. Last is a Honey Daddy who is the cream of the crop. His income has no bounds, and he can easily support multiple sugar partners. According to this definition, isn’t it a sort of “new age” prostitution? I think so and it would be either hypocritical or delusional to think otherwise. There is a major influence and we all dream at times of having our very own Edward Lewis. Moreover, this Society is pushing it with huge marketing campaigns, you can find Apps or websites promoting these kinds of relationships. A new kind of social platform where you sign in and you can choose the kind of men you want to date. You can find many profiles and have access to the man’s CV and yearly income. And trust me, it works! These platforms are very popular. I remember one day when I was randomly watching the news on TV, they did a little documentary presenting a man with his girlfriend, she was 22 and he was 55. They were very comfortable and open about sharing their story with us. He was paying for her school tuition, giving her money for her bills, plus gifts and in exchange she was available for him whenever, wherever. A second guest, and this one was a young boy about the same age, he was making around 1,000 euros. He had an allowance given to him by his parents but thought it wasn’t sufficient enough to meet his needs. 

Are people becoming more and more greedy? I think so too… It certainly because we are constantly comparing ourselves to others, we are not grateful for our lives. We want more and we want it NOW. Patience and hard work have become dull, we all choose the easy way out of our economic misery. I’m not trying to judge, I’m just saying that we should be aware of what kind of messages this Society is trying to convey through these movies. I will continue with another article entitled “How does the Entertainment Industry manage to shape our behavior using non-rational persuasion?” on the same subject.

Pretty Li Hui Zhen 漂亮的李慧珍

Release date: January, 2017

Main lead: Dilraba Dilmurat (Li Hui Zhen), Peter Sheng (Bai Hao Yu)

Li Huizhen was a pretty girl when she was young, but years of hardship have taken a toll on her physical appearance. Her childhood friend, Bai Haoyu was short and chubby, but grew up to be successful and attractive. 12 years later, Haoyu tracks down Huizhen to reconnect with her. They decided to meet, but Haoyu was unable to recognize Huizhen. Embarrassed by her looks and situation, Huizhen sends her stylish best friend, Xia Qiao to appear in her place. Things turn complicated when Huizhen lands an internship at a fashion magazine company she’s been wanting to get into, and finds out that Haoyu is her new boss. Not knowing her true identity, Haoyu openly berates her clumsy nature. Meanwhile, Huizhen’s colleague, Lin Yimu falls in love with her, and Xia Qiao also begin to develop feelings for Haoyu.

Source: Wikipedia

My comment?

Same old Same old, if you’ve been reading my posts about some american love stories that I really loved, then you will find some similarities here… Hui Zhen and Baoyu, the kind of love that I used to yearn for, they met each other in primary school, they fell in love and parted ways then Baoyu come back and looks for Hui Zhen… It’s a bit like the popular american TvShow Ugly Betty, the ugly assistant working in a Fashion Magazine or again the German version with Lisa Plenske. How is this story different? Well, I will mention the BEST FRIEND Xiao Qiao who is beautiful, rich and a fashion killer. Baoyu mistook her for Hui Zhen because of a physical appearance, let’s be honest have you seen the real Hui Zhen? (cf photos) Hui Zhen was so embarrassed as the little fatty boy turned out to be this handsome and remarkable man, she couldn’t face him… so she asked Xiao Qiao to take her place as Hui Zhen and get rid of Baoyu.

Li Hui Zhen
Xiao Qiao (right), Hui Zhen (left)

As the story unfolds, Xiao Qiao starts to fall in love with him and he starts to fall in love with the real Hui Zhen, the clumsy and ugly assistant. This story wa so cute and what I found cuter is that Hui Zhen may not be rich or beautiful, she has a kind heart, she is positive about her life and has hope. She neither envy nor hate her best friend even when Xiao Qiao starts to fall in love with Baoyu and sees him without telling her the truth…


The Princess Wei Young 锦绣未央

Release date: 2016

Main lead: Luo Jin (Tuoba Jun) and Tiffany Tang (Li Wei Young)

The Northern Wei Dynasty was obliterated one night leaving behind the kindhearted Princess Feng Xin Er as an orphan. Although she escapes death, she accidentally enters her enemy’s territory and she assumes the identity of Li Wei Young, the daughter of the Prime Minister. She suffers many hardships but eventually utilizes her wisdom and sense of justice to become a powerful woman as well as gaining a beautiful romance.

(Source: MyDramaList)

My comment?

Certainly my favorite Chinese celebrity couple. Actually they started dating on set of this drama and they’ve been together ever since.

I discovered Tiffany Tang in the drama “My Sunshine” and I think she’s an amazing actress probably one of the best in China with Yang Mi and Liu Yi Fei. She’s in her 30s but she looks really young and can play any roles. Luo Jin is also a very handsome and talented actor. I think I saw him for the first time in the drama “Diamond Girl”, in which he plays alongside Tiffany Tang as well.

This drama is a Wuxia (historical drama). What I liked about this drama is the fast beginning. The first episode goes straight to the point, the story starts and you don’t even have any time left to think or get bored. There are many twists and turns, the usual fight between good and evil, and a strong female lead who is brave, confident and particularly smart. Indeed, one thing that I’ve found out watching chinese historical dramas, is the way the woman is depicted. We can see that she has a strong role to play in the Story. She is smart, courageous, at times she is even skilled in martial arts, she is respected, admired, praised. They are a good role model to any little chinese girl and for me as well. I’m learning to be more brave and resilient and to work very hard to achieve my goals. I think this is something which is part of the Chinese Philosophy and Culture. Being able to convey this kind of message through television is certainly one of China’s greatest achievement.

Image associée
Luo Jin and Tiffany Tang

Photos from the drama

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Playa de Montgat, Barcelona

Domingo 16 de Julio

Ha sido un tiempo desde que no había ido a la playa. La principal razón es que no sé como nadar entonces no voy a la piscina o a la playa. Este día estaba muy especial porque he encontrado una persona hermosa quien me llevó a la playa con su moto. Al principio quería tomar el tren para ir a Costa Brava sola pero le encontré en el restaurante de Tacos y me invitó ir con él el Domingo. Yo sé, sé que podría haber sido peligroso pero no toda la gente es una mala persona. Tuve un tiempo maravilloso, nos llevábamos muy bien. He nadado un poco y me sentía muy bien y relajada.

Había mucha gente en la playa pero no había tantas turistas como en la Barceloneta. Los Chiringuitos que están en la playa vendan comida con pescados, mariscos y también muchas cervezas.

Disfruté de estos momentos antes de volver a Francia el día siguiente. De verdad, como un año antes, mi decisión de vivir en Barcelona algún día sigue siendo la misma. Rezo a Dios por el día en el que voy a poder vivir en esta Ciudad. Barcelona tiene todo : el Mar, las Montañas, el medio ambiente es perfecto para descansar y muy limpio. Hay un sentimiento de libertad que no se puedo sentir en otro lugar. La gente es humilde, simple, llena de vida, alegre… Aconsejo este lugar a todos los espíritus libres de este Mundo, no se van a repentir de su viaje en Barcelona, es una promesa !

De vuelta a Barcelona, ha sido un tiempo…

Es un hecho que el año pasado estaba viviendo en Barcelona durante algunos meses. La primera vez que fui allí, estaba en el mes de Octubre de 2015 hasta el fin de Noviembre del mismo año. Después, volví allí el 18 de Enero 2016 hasta el fin de Abril cuando tuve una enfermedad y tenía que volver a Francia.
Fueron los mejores meses de mi vida aquí en Europa. La energía en esta Ciudad es tan grande que solo podemos enamorarnos de todo.

Llevaba un año entero que estaba soñando con volver a Barcelona. Esta vez, quería hacer lo que no tuve el tiempo de hacer cuando vivía allí. Primero, porque estaba viviendo allí durante el invierno y segundo, porque no estaba en el estado mental para disfrutar y ser feliz. No pasa nada porque esta experiencia me hizo crecer y madurar. Me enfadé mucho cuando volví a Francia pero ahora me doy cuenta de que a veces las cosas no se pasan como nos queremos, pero todo sucede por una razón…


Esta vez no tomé el Bus pero el avión ! Estaba caro pero quería disfrutar de todo los aspectos de un viaje correcto y como soy una mujer pienso que a veces es necesario gastar un poco más especialmente cuando es mi propio dinero. Entonces, fui al Aeropuerto Paris-Beauvais. Tuve que tomar un bus desde París Porte Maillot porque la Ciudad de Beauvais se encuentra a 1h25 de París. El boleto de avión me ha costado 250€ ( RyanAir) más o menos. Podía pagar menos pero estaba el periodo de las vacaciones entonces eso fue lo más barato. El avión despegó a las 21h40 y aterrizamos a las 23h30.


Desde el aeropuerto de Barcelona, tuve que tomar un taxi o el metro para ir al Hostel Generator. Este Hostel estaba situado en el centro de la Ciudad en el Carrer de Còrsega cerca de Passeig de Gracia.

Es un Hostel de jóvenes si puedo decir las cosas así, la mayoría de la gente es joven. Cuando llegué, me dé cuenta de dos cosas : había un bar o una discoteca en la planta baja y lo que más me sorprendí estaba las habitaciones mixtas. Pues, no es una sorpresa sobretodo en un hostel pero no he visto eso en el sitio web. Al final, todo fue muy bien, me encontré con gente agradable y chinos con los que he tenido mi primera conversación chino. Me sentía muy orgullosa porque me dijeron que hablo chino como si tuviera allí. Ahora tengo confianza en mi misma y sé que puedo conseguir el nivel más alto en chino, con paciencia y mucho trabajo.

De todos modos, la habitación era muy cómoda. Había un baño común y aseos pero estaba muy limpia. Hubo ocho literas y tuve la de arriba.


El primer día (porque llegué el viernes muy tarde por la noche entonces sólo fui a caminar por las calles y tuve un momento en una Asociación para descansar un poco antes de ir a la cama), fui a comprar algunas cosas porque no tuve ningún equipaje, sólo un Totebag con mis papeles, mi dinero y tarjetas de créditos. Estaba el periodo de las rebajas y quería ir de compras porque los precios en Barcelona son muy baratos como en todo el Sur de Europa. Compré muchas cosas y todo en el estiló del verano: una ropa blanca, sandalias de flecos, joyería étnica, una bolsita; con todo eso, estaba lista para un día increíble 😉

He empezado mi aventura por las Ramblas, caminando hasta El Mercat de la Boqueria para tomar un desayuno sano sólo con frutas y zumo de frutas, no tuve la fuerza de buscar la empanadas será por la próxima vez !

Hay tantas cosas en este mercado, sabores exóticos y he visto algunas frutas que sólo había visto en Africa. No sólo frutas pero también chocolate artesanal, dátiles que son énormes,

Pimientos de todas las formas y colores, el jamón ibérico,

Pescados y mariscos,

Y más …


Luego fui a comer a un restaurante de mariscos en la Barceloneta. He soñado durante un año con la Sopa de Mariscos, la comí como si fuera mi última comida con un buen vino blanco que me aconsejó el camarero. Durante la comida, había un grupo diez mujeres que estaban celebrando una despedida de soltera, fue divertido y me dé cuenta de que el pueblo español es un pueblo lleno de vida, de alegría y sabe más que nadie hacer la fiesta !