Ode to China

I’ve been wanting to write this article for a while now but I couldn’t find the right time, the right words to express my feelings. Not until today did I find the energy and of course, the inspiration, to write this article. And what is it ? One word: HONG KONG. I needed an event, something that would help me witness the Power and Position that China holds on the International scale as a whole Country, together with Hong Kong and Taiwan. This particular event who literally sparked out of the blue, made me realize how far The Monster is willing to go to destroy any Conscience that is bound to overturn its wickedness, any Conscience that doesn’t obey its command, any Conscience that would stand up to It and yell: NO.

I fell in Love with China when I started learning the Chinese Language in 2011. But before that, even though I didn’t know much about China, I’ve always felt a deep respect for it and its People. You can live in hell, but the good vibrations sent by Chinese People would make you feel like you’re actually in Paradise. It’s a feeling that you can get from them around the World, wherever you meet these People, you can feel what is to me one of the highest vibrations: Respect.

I grew up in the Western World and up until this very day, I hear the people here talking about “Human Rights”, “Freedom of Speech” and so on. It’s very funny because when I was 22, I asked myself this question: How come the Slave Masters of yesterday are the ones claiming to be the “Human Rights” advocates today ?

The purpose of this article was to explain a general view on the situation in China but also in other parts of the World since The Monster has been using the same trick to force its power on other people and nations around the Globe. Such an exposé wouldn’t be of any help to what I truly want. I want African people to get closer to China, to learn Chinese History and learn from the Chinese People because our Histories are similar. If China managed to get to this point after suffering the same colonisation from the barbarians, how come Africa is still divided and is still being robbed until this very day? I came across a book entitled Asia Pacific: its role in the New World Disorder, by Michael Dobbs-Higginson, a former Chairman of an investment bank in Asia. He spent 30 years traveling in this region and came up with the same conclusion as mine:

It is the region’s discipline and focus, its culture and philosophy, more than its investment strategies and corporate structures, that have created its trade surpluses. It is its newly evolving middle classes’ “people power” that is causing such political change over such a short period of time. And it is the lack of understanding of these characteristics rather than of its politics, science, and economics that has created the barriers which still exist between the East and the West. Indeed, the same principles apply to the peoples of Asia Pacific themselves; they often misunderstand each other and, as a result, create barriers. 


ODE TO CHINA, mainly because it built its fortune from scratch, through hard work and dedication. There are no perfect Political Systems in this World but at least China has a clear Conscience: it didn’t built its fortune on the blood of innocent people, it didn’t built its fortune on slavery, robbery, lies, trickery and a corrupted financial system which robs the poor to fatten up its monsters. Instead, these past 70 years, some 400 million Chinese were lifted out of poverty, that’s what I call a Power and I can’t wait to see more of it. Naturally, the green-eyed monster will not rest until China is destroyed, but I am confident in one thing: Chinese People will fight to the end to defend their territories just like they did 70 years ago. What I admire is that China didn’t forget its History and knows exactly what kind of Monster it is facing.

I wish African nations could remember theirs…

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