Hello guys !!

How is 2019 going so far ?

Well, if you’ve read my other posts you might have noticed that I don’t know how to start but I’m working on that catchphrase thingy…  Anyway, today I want to share my best 2019’s moment with you all and I hope you will be as thrilled as I am. It happened two weeks ago, long story short, I woke up pretty early that day and I was looking for some good Shows to buy on the iTunes Store. I first looked for Charmed but didn’t find it, then I checked Melrose Place and I couldn’t find the Show but there it was: Melrose Place Podcast. OMG, had I ever thought that I could actually listen or find such a Podcast? Absolutely not.

Jenny and Dan Hill are husband and wife who love Melrose Place and you can tell, especially Dan who knows absolutely everything about the characters and more !! I started listening to the first episode and I knew I would love it to the end, I am nowhere near tired of it and I’m having the time of my life, really, I think it’s even better than watching the show itself. I remember the first time I watched the Show, it was 2 years ago because obviously I was born in 1991 so basically, I was a year and a half when it first aired back then. To me, it turned out to be one of the best 90’s Shows ever. I will just speak about the Podcast and I will be posting about the Show later on because there are so much things to say about the characters etc. I’m a huge fan of 90’s shows, it was the best period especially in terms of Fashion. I can’t wait to share more of it with you but for now, let’s focus on the Podcast…

The Podcast

It’s as if you were having a major conversation with your best friend about the latest trend. I love that feeling because I remember when Desperate Housewives was a thing few years ago, I would spend hours commenting, criticizing every single episode with my friends at school and sometimes we would re-watch it and laugh and criticize the exact same thing or some other parts that we missed out. That’s exactly what’s happening here with Jenny and Dan. They are so funny and cute at the same time, I mean it’s the best way to keep a good relationship with your husband, they’re like the best of friends. I don’t think anybody could do better than them on commenting Melrose Place. 

It’s funny, sarcastic, true, they know how to dwell on the abnormal hidden behavior, the thing you won’t necessarily notice while watching the show. For instance, Billy is one of the main characters and he lives with Alison (another main character). Honestly, he is not a hottie I could agree with that but I didn’t realize how they were trying so hard to make him seem like one, but Dan pointed it out: he is topless on every episode showing his muscles. Then there’s the fact that at the beginning of the show, he has different jobs on every new episode, showing the fact that he is unreliable, immature and so wishy washy. It’s really difficult to concentrate on each character when there is a whole bunch of them. I personally tend to concentrate on the most interesting story-lines so I don’t think much of the characters. But I might watch the show again so that I can check the details mentioned by Dan and Jenny. I also love it when they give their opinions and you can feel the love or the hate towards some characters, especially Billy, I laugh so hard when Dan starts raging on him. I can’t wait to listen to further episodes and since I know the show, I just can’t wait to hear their comments on the hot topics: cheating, cat-fights, weddings, divorces…

I’ve been laughing all the way to work, on the train, the metro and it’s worth the while so I wanted to share this information with you guys. You should definitely download this Podcast, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re a fan, it would be fun walking down memory lane and if you’re not, well, you will learn a whole bunch of new expressions and vocabularies to make your English sound more natural.


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