Why is ENVY the deadliest sin among the 7 deadly sins?

“If necessity is the mother of invention, then surely greed must be the father. Children of this odd couple are named: Laziness, Envy, Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Anger and Pride.”
― John R. Dallas Jr.

It took me a while to write this article because I needed to do some research about why I actually thought about writing this article in the first place. I guess I found what I was looking for and I maybe don’t know everything and maybe not the smartest person on Earth but honest people would read this article and agree.

I’ve been living in France for 16 years now and somehow I never felt at home, not that I care because I already have my Country, I just came here to study and I’ve been dreaming of going back to my Country ever since. Something that I’ve been hearing here is the word “immigrant”. You see, in my Country, there are a lot of European “immigrants”. They are welcomed and would never hear anyone bother them with the fact that they steal the jobs of the locals, we never complain about the fact that European immigrants don’t speak our languages or even bother to know our culture etc.

So my question would be: who invaded who? Because historically, African people were living in Africa, let say KEMET, we didn’t invite any Europeans in our Land, in fact our ancestors despised strangers, aliens, they didn’t mingle with them and didn’t want anything to do with them. KEMET is the richest continent on the planet, we have the climate, our soil is rich since day one until this very day, we don’t need anybody. But these Europeans invaded us, enslaved us, stole our Land and our History, spreading lies about ancient Egypt(KEMET) and more. Today, we lost everything and these Europeans are on our Land, stealing, killing for their own benefits while we are scattered around the World being chased and insulted by ignorant fools.

If this is not EVIL then what is it ? Evil is found in the heart as well as kindness but I feel like there are beings who look like Human Beings but who are not Humans. I’ve been observing Europeans, the way they live, talk, eat, interact with each other and the way they interact with the people, us “immigrants”, and I found out that they would be your friend only if you have and are less than them meaning if you are not smart, if you are poor because they’ve been raised with the idea that they are better than anybody else in the World. So I went deeper than that, and I thought: if black people are so poor, so dirty, so nothing, why would they colonize us? Why would they enslave us? Why would they live and settle in Africa? Because honestly, me being African, I don’t care about Europe, I don’t care about Europeans, I don’t care about what they call “their culture”, their food etc. If they didn’t invade Africa, I’m sure I would’ve never been here since my ancestors didn’t call anybody for help, it means that we had it all and there are a lot of books to prove it ! But they are not going to tell the truth, I figured out that their whole civilization is based on lies. They love to think that they are superior so they hide the truth but it is coming out and Karma is going to come and collect just like it did with the Greek and Roman Empire, which didn’t last of course. Because there are rules to follow to live on Earth, you need to respect Humans’ lives, nature, animals but they despise everything about life. All they care about is their EGO.

ENVY is the main cause of all of this… We have everything and they have nothing. And when you bring that up they try to hold you responsible for your misery! They are selfish, arrogant and coward, moreover they will never take responsibility for their actions. African people weren’t monkeys, our ancestors were Kings and Queens and they lived during thousands of years while neanderthal (Europeans’ ancestors) were living in caves. They learned everything from KEMET (ancient Egypt), from our ancestors and they lied about where they got the knowledge. It has been written by Greeks’ authors such as Herodotus, who is said to be the “Father of Western History”. I will write an article to translate what he said since I happen to have found that Book in an old Bookstore in Paris.

We are facing jealous, frustrated beings (more like monsters) who do anything to get what they want and think it’s normal.

I often hear “of African people don’t know how to exploit their soil”, but why would we? Our ancestors used what they needed, they weren’t trying to make profits out of anything!!! We don’t want to be developed, we don’t want to be like you, I’d rather die than be like you, eat like you etc! Our ancestors had PEACE, RESPECT, LOVE, DIGNITY, POWER and they didn’t destroy anybody, they didn’t enslave nations and for that I’m very proud.

Today, African people are completely traumatized, they don’t even know who they are because they lost that connection with their ancestors, their spirituality that’s why they’ve been accepting bullshit for centuries now; going to church to pray the “white angry god” or to the mosque to pray the “Arab god”. There has been a complete miseducation of the generations post-colonization and post-slavery, which was totally on purpose, so today Africans are completely lost and don’t understand the hatred towards them, they don’t understand why they are suffering so much.

Look at the whole World and you will see how their greed destroyed countries and people until today…

Image associée

ENVY is the root of our misery. The only way out is through KNOWLEDGE and reject anything that’s not from our ancestors because I bet we are being cursed because we abandoned what was ours and we are not seeking it back, we are not studying and we despise each other, we kill each other, we chose ignorance…

To conclude, I would like to say this to Europeans who claim on Twitter or YouTube or else “Europe to the Europeans” or “Let’s make Europe white again”: Africa to the Africans, to the black people, because there are white European immigrants, refugees, murderers, liars, rapists, ignorant, behaving like animals etc,  living in our Land and they have nothing to do there, especially those living in South Africa. Let’s make KEMET Black again. We want them out and we will also get out of Europe.

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