Is Apple casting a Spell on its customers?

Maybe, Maybe not…

But there’s one thing that I’m sure of: I’m completely addicted to this brand. First and foremost, let me introduce you to my Apple devices :

Voilàà !

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not trying to brag or anything, it’s just that I really like to have the best tools especially since I’m studying to become an Interpreter, and I just love the best things in life and there’s nothing wrong with that. I will always take my time and save enough money to buy what I need and it’s not to be better than anybody, I’m just the king of person who has a strong spirit and I don’t settle for less than I think I deserve.

Anyway after that’s been said, let’s get to the main points: the PROS and CONS.


  1. The design: certainly the most beautiful phone on the market, I love anything, every part of my iPhone, being able to choose the colour, use any kind of protection from that huge Moschino teddy bear to the fluffy one during Winter, it’s a real pleasure. I also love the Touch ID and the reason why I wouldn’t buy the iPone X is that the Button Home is what makes the iPhone what it is, it has always been there and honestly I would be lost without it. I switched my iPhone 6 for the 6+, 3 years ago to be able to work on my phone wherever I might be, it’s more professional and convenient especially to take pictures (and I prefer it larger). I’m waiting to see what’s going to be brought on the market this September so that I can make up my mind before I can upgrade to a new iPhone. As far as the iPad and the computer are concerned, I feel exactly the same way. I might keep a special paragraph to describe what I really like about my iMac. Being on my iPad is the same as using my iPhone, and lately I found out that when someone is calling me, it also rings on my iPad so it’s like having two iPhones… I wanted an iPad especially for school, to be able to download the courses on the cloud and read them anywhere on a bigger screen.
  2. It’s easy to use: And that’s not because I’m lazy but for another convenience. You see, it’s already really hard to think about anything we need to do on a daily basis, so having to deal with so much applications should be at least easier and Apple got it from the beginning with the Home Button, like I said before, I need it! You just need to push that button and have access to ALL your applications without opening countless files.
  3. A broad range of applications: Well, you will say that Android also has a lot of applications but the App Store is like a goldmine especially when it comes to the apps related to education (with Apple Education). I find anything I need and more when it comes to languages, games related to learning languages or else (The Sims Freeplay that I’ve been playing for almost 10 years now), Podcasts, iBooks where you can download any PDF documents from the internet. Everything is designed for you to have a good time, you rarely have any problem while using your apps.
  4. Music: The reason why I finally bought an iPone in 2012… Long story short, when I was in High School I didn’t like iPhones, I had a Blackberry 9000 with the large keyboard (because I wanted to be like these teenagers in Gossip Girls lol), and I had an iPod for the music. I would have any phones but I always had an iPod. So when I had to change my phone I thought why not, so I went on with the iPhone 4s and I truly loved it.
  5. The Cloud: Which connects all devices together and I couldn’t find anything better than that. It’s really convenient to have access to any files just with one click especially dealing with university courses and assignments. For example, I’ve been playing the SimsFreeplay on my iPod then on my iPhone for over 6 years now and I upload the datas to the cloud so that I can continue to play on any of my devices.
  6. From MacBook Pro to iMac: I had a MacBook Pro in 2013 but I had to sell it because I needed money at the time, I think it might have been one of the most difficult moments of my life because I truly wanted to start this blog and I wanted to do so much things on it but I guess it wasn’t the right time. So I waited patiently and this year my Mom agreed to buy it for me before school starts. I bought an iMac instead of a Laptop, I want to have a professional desk in my bedroom, next to my bookshelf, a place where I can write and study in peace. The computer wasn’t expensive with AppleEducation, I had a good discount and was even offered a Beatssolo3 wireless headphones. I like everything about it, I’m completely mesmerised, like a little girl discovering a brand new world… The screen is so big and the images are clear and very beautiful, it fits my desk perfectly (white on white) I am going to create my own vision of my own world and my brand new iMac is going to be the TOOL. I can’t wait to explore it and become more creative especially on the blog.




OMG !!!!!!! The prices are beyond expensive especially the iPhones!!! The is the only thing that I can complain about, the price, the price and the price. For example, the new iPhone Xs, literally the phone of my dreams (cf photo):


In France, it costs 1 259 euros !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to buy a new one since mine is already 3 years old, but honestly I’d rather save this money for my trip to China and maybe after that trip we’ll see and if I can’t, well it doesn’t matter, I’m really grateful and happy with what I have anyway!

So is this a spell ?

Well, let’s say YES. Why ? Because several years ago I wanted to switch to a Samsung, I bought the phone and kept it for a week because I couldn’t use it, I was completely lost, I couldn’t even send messages. I was only able to answer the calls. So I gave it back and took a Blackberry until I could buy a new iPhone. You see, there’s something fishy about it and even though it’s convenient bla bla bla, let’s not forget that this world is not what it seems!! Some people are addicted to these iPhones, they can’t live without it even in public they would just stick to it and it’s very scary especially for the young ones…

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