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I first want to say : Finally I get to find the time to have my own website or blog whatever it is called. For the first post, I should introduce myself but honestly I feel like you’re going to discover me through my articles, my photos etc so I’ll just give a little introduction on myself, and then few lines about the purpose of all of this haha…

Born and raised in Western-Africa (11/12/1991, Abidjan, Ivory Coast), I’ve been living in France for 12 years now. I think I’m 24 years old, but they usually say I’m 18-20 because I look really young (see for yourself cf photos). I’ve lived in several towns of France for school, Tours, Angers for Boarding School and Boulogne-Billancourt was the last step and one of the most important because I met my bests friends and also because I was finally reunited with my mother. Indeed, it wasn’t easy but I managed to get where I am and I want to go further, chase my dreams and give my best to this World. Today, I’m living and studying in Barcelona, Spain. For the first time in my entire life, I get to choose where I want to live and I think I’ve found my new home. As I want to become a conference interpreter, I have to travel and get more experience in the languages that I’m learning (english, spanish, chinese, german, arabic, russian), it’s going to be long and painful but God Knows best, I’m just following my dream.


You will follow me through everything I want to share with you and you can learn more by sending me emails using > CONTACT< in the Menu, in which you can also have access to my Social Medias accounts (Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram). My posts will include fashion, readings, photography, lifestyle and more…

Welcome to the Journey of a Future Conference Interpreter.


Published by Adjoua

Future Translator/Conference Interpreter Follow the Journey to my dream and discover the cities I'm staying in, the languages I speak... Follow me during this incredible experience to become a Conference Interpreter

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